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Ultimate School Desk for Administrators

Ultimate School Desk administrator module is a center of operation for administrators to control and oversee all other modules of the system. 

1. Access computed, processed, and organized students' results
2. View send and received emails
3. Manage school calendar and events
4. Manage HRM (Employee Data, Leave, Holiday etc)
5. View call logs and visitations
6. Access school plans, reports, payroll, budgets, expenses, invoices, etc.

...and much more.


Ultimate School Desk for Teachers

Features smart enough to manage any school's resources and data seemlessly.

1. Manage student’s attendance
2. Manage class and subjects
3. Compute, process, and organize students' result


Ultimate School Desk for Human Resource and Payroll

Ultimate School Desk lets you handle school staffing efficiently and effective with just a click.

1. Manage Employee data
2. Asssign leave and holidays
3. Structure employee payroll



Ultimate School Desk for Finance

1. Track expenses and overheads
2. Add fees and incomes
3. Structure school budgets 
4. Manage students invoices


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