6 Valuable Tech Skills To Acquire In 2022

It is now obvious everyone needs a valuable tech skill as the years unfold.  In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics pointed out that more than half of jobs now require some level of computer proficiency. In 2020, the forecasted number had already reached 77 per cent.  As the years come by, it is estimated that four out of five jobs would require some IT skills or some level of computer literacy.

The computer system has been intertwined with our daily living. This ranges from using our smartphone to send simple emails to using complex AI managerial systems to make complex decisions in organizations. This shows that at every point, you will need to use a computer to achieve a goal.

In 2020, LinkedIn made a list of the most in-demand hard and soft skills in the job market. LinkedIn used data gathered from 660+ million professionals in its network and 20+ million job listings to determine the skills in high demand. It turns out that 95 per cent of the listed fifteen hard skills are all IT jobs which include; blockchain, Cloud and distributed computing, Analytical reasoning, AI, UX/UI design, etc.

This year, 2022, learning valuable tech skills is something definitely worth your while. So in this article, we bring you 6 valuable tech skills to acquire in 2022.

1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one skill that won’t be going anywhere soon. The digital market has always since experienced an uptrend in growth. According to a report by Forrester shared with Marketing Dive, it is estimated that digital marketing spending will reach $146 billion by 2023. There will be growth at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

As more people use internet-powered platforms, organizations strive for customer conversion using all advanced tech means to reach customers/clients. The most used platforms include social media, websites, blogs, etc.

As a digital marketer, you work to boost brand awareness and drive huge traffic of clients to an organization. You will be in charge of planning and managing marketing campaigns, writing or building content that will promote a company’s brand image, products, and services.

2. Web Design/Development

Web designing has been one of the growing and valuable tech skills to acquire. On average, about 17,900 openings for web developers are projected each year. This is a huge number! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for web developers is projected to grow 13 per cent from 2020 to 2030. This is considered a significant growth when compared to other occupations on average.

As a web developer or designer, you aim to design and build accessible competitive and responsive websites, improve website interaction, and easily carry out website management both for organizations and individuals. This is done using both technical and non-technical skills to meet set requirements.

3. Product Design (UI/UX)

UI/UX design or product design has to do with the planning and designing of user interfaces (UI). You will be into creating user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to use complex technical products or software.

According to CNNMoney/PayScale’s top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work, UI/UX design ranked #14 with top pay hitting $138K and a growth rate of 18%. Furthermore, UI/UX design ranked #8 on LinkedIn’s list of in-demand careers in 2021.

4. Cyber security

One important tech career that has stood to be one of the valuable skills to acquire is cyber security. Since there are hackers at every time trying to break into organizations’ data, the need for a cyber-security expert is always on high. Learning cyber security will also aid you combat cybercrime at your own personal level.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Information Security Analyst’s predicts cyber security jobs will grow up to 31 per cent through 2029. This is about seven times faster than the average job growth of 4 per cent!

5. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a valuable tech skill that has experienced fast growth and adoption throughout the past years. According to Forbes estimation, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning jobs are expected to be worth $31 billion by 2024. That is, a growth of 40 percent is expected.

In fact, artificial intelligence is the future! All developments towards the computer system are to make computers smarter and automate our works. And this can only be attained with the applied knowledge of artificial intelligence.

6. Data Science

Organizations need someone to analyze, process, and model their data then interpret the results to create actionable plans for them. Data scientists combine the knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and statistics to analyze data.

Over the years, data science has been a demanding job and the job market is still growing. It is estimated that jobs in Data Science will increase by about 28% through 2026.


Having a skill in tech is a plus. From this year, you need to look into one of the valuable tech skills listed here and out of here. This is because as the years go on, thousands of jobs will become dependent on the services computer offers. And this, of course, will cause a shift. People will keep on losing their jobs if they don’t adapt to the trend.

Over to you now. What tech skills have you acquired or on the process of acquiring? If none, then which one do you have interest in?

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