All you need to consider before owning a website

Many people own a website for different reasons. It could be to promote their business on the internet, to give off a professional dominance, or for just the sake that others are having a website and they should too. This article offers you all you need to consider before owning a website. So, before you jump off into building or purchasing a website, there are things you need to consider.

Yes, we know that almost every business personality or organization needs a website to show they have a strong and intimidating online presence. But this article acts as a guide to help you figure out what’s best for you or your business.

Are you ready to know all you need to consider before owning a website? — keep reading!

1.  Domain name

A domain name is a word or the words people type into a browser’s search bar to look for your website. A domain name is one important factor among all you need to consider before owning a website. Why? That’s because it is going to be your identity or brand’s identity.

Before heading off to choose a domain name, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose or think of a domain name that is short, easy for people to remember, spell, and best portrays your brand. For instance, is better off than, and seems better than The goal here is not to use words that can be confusing to spell and hard to remember. Don’t forget to add words that best describe your company, avoid using numbers and special characters, and don’t let the length of your domain name go past 15 characters. Got it?

And again you need to choose the extension that best suits your business or whatever you are planning to have a website for. This means that if you are a company, go for a .com extension. A school? — use .edu. Are you an organization? — using .org best describes which industry you are under.

2.  Web Hosting Company

This is a critical aspect to consider before owning a website. It is important to do background research on any web hosting company you have set your eyes on. Here’s a tip; ask for people’s reviews about web hosting companies on social media — it’s a good place to get honest feedback.

When choosing a web hosting company, there are things you should keep in mind to help you make a good decision among your list. These things include customer reviews, tech support, control panel Interface, hosting plan specs, and their server type. Remember that a web host can help make or mare your website. So, it is important that you keenly look are what they have to offer and what your needs are. The best idea is to compare web hosting companies to choose the one that best meets your criteria.

3.  Content Management Software (CMS)

the next item on our all you need to consider before owning a website list is Content Management Software (CMS). Unless you will be using front-end web programming languages to make and manage content for your website (which I think nobody does anymore), you should consider searching for content management software.

The most popular content management software out there is WordPress. This is because it is free, simple to use, great for people who have no coding skills, and it has a large community that can help you out just in case you run into any problems in the future. However, there is still other great content management software out there. They include Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Before considering content management software, check for ease of use and user interface.

4.  Content

Content also happens to be part of all the things you need to consider before owning a website. What content would you be pushing out through your website? Would they be solely texts or you will be incorporating a lot of audio and videos?

The type of content you choose to publish on your website will determine the web hosting plan you should choose. This is because high-definition images, audios, and videos consume more storage space on the allocated hosting space. So, if you are looking forward to pushing out rich media content, then plan for a higher hosting plan.

5.  Theme

One last thing to consider is your website’s theme. A theme is a template design of a website. There are hundreds of thousands of themes on the web, both free and paid. Every theme is designed to shine a particular type of website. This means that it would be a terrible idea to use a theme that was built originally for a newspaper website for an e-commerce website. The outcome? — it would be disastrous to behold.

So, take a moment and browse through the web until you find the perfect theme that represents your website perfectly — even if it would cost you money; pay for the best. Most plugins on popular content management software can help you get free themes. If you are not satisfied with the themes you are getting, you can always use website builders like Elementor and Bluehost’s website builder plugin to build your website from the scratch using the easy drag and drop approach.

Final Words

Good thing we have shown you all you need to consider before getting a website. Now get on with your plans to own a website and don’t forget to apply all the things we have labeled out here in this article. 

If you think you have hit a roadblock somewhere and don’t know what to do further, you can always contact us for help. If you also need someone to build your website and take care of the content management, we are here — that’s exactly what we are here for. You can check out our services here and message us right after you have made a decision.