5 Ideas to improve your website interaction

or you to enjoy an interaction, I believe that it must be an effective two-way interaction. That is, you must have something to contribute in words or actions. Same for the other person you are having a conversation with. And without this format, there’s a high possibility of having a boring conversation. This whole scenario I am trying to paint here applies to website interaction too.

Who in this era wants to be on a website that’s boring and static? This is exactly why most business owners come by to complain that they aren’t getting conversations from their website. First of all, you don’t have an idea of what an interactive website is all about, then you are in the right blog.

What is website interaction?

Website interaction, in simple terms, is all about how your web visitors use and interact with your website. This doesn’t only mean clicking and scrolling – is that all we all do on a website today?

Website interaction is all about putting up content on your website that would glue web visitors to your website. The kind of content to make web visitors take action on the website and hopefully convert them to leads.

Website interaction

Benefits of having an interactive website

Having an interactive website can be beneficial in many ways. Ways that I am going to list out here.

  • An interactive website would always leave a visitor happy which would translate to more recommendations.
  • There is a higher chance of converting.
  • High interactivity drives more engagement and makes the website less boring.
  • There will be a low bounce rate as it keeps web visitors glued and wanting more.
  • Interactive websites can leave a lasting happy affect user experience in the minds of visitors which would develop a lasting relationship with the user and the website.

Ideas to improve your website interaction

To improve your website interaction, there are helpful ideas you can look into. Even as there are tons of websites servicing different purposes, so there are different interactive content you can weave into.

For instance, if you own a website where you give out self-improvement advice and sell self-help products, you can add a personality test calculator. And if you own a website that offers financial services, you could fix in an interest calculator. This way, you will keep visitors engaged.

The most important thing is to find out what your website’s objective is and identify the features that are fitting.

1. Use a responsive template

Having a website that is responsive on all devices is the first thing to strive for. No web visitor would want to spend another minute on a laggy and unresponsive website. Imagine opening a bulky website on a smartphone that only displays on desktop mode. That inability for the website to identify what device it is opened on kills every chance of the web visitor seeing the god stuffs you have planted on the website.

If you are using a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress, Drupal, or Shopify, you can find some amazing responsive website templates to use. You can get these templates by looking up the “Templates” option or installing additional templates from builders like Wix, and Elementor.

2. Create a quiz or poll

One great way to boost interactivity on your website is to create quizzes and polls. As web visitors answer questions and choose options, they are glued to your website. This also increases the chance of having happy visitors coming back to revisit.

If you are using WordPress, you can check out some amazing plugins for quizzes and polls. Plugins like WP Pro Quiz and BuzzFeed Quiz Builder are great for quizzes. YOP polls and Social polls by Opinion stage are also great options.

Contact form

3. Use forms and Newsletters

Most professional websites use forms to get visitors’ contributions and feedback. This is a good idea to increase website interactivity and leads generation. By creating a simple form for contacts or comments, you can start an interactive section between you and the website visitor. A good way to place forms in your website is using the WP Forms or Formidable forms plugins.

A warm reception or a cold strict reception – which do you prefer? A warm reception, of course. Who wouldn’t want that? That is the reason most people have gone ahead to put in live chat bubbles. Having live chat bubbles appear on your website to welcome visitors is a great way to start a healthy interaction with visitors.

Another great way to have visitors coming back to your website is to have them engage with your newsletters. Most people put their newsletters in-between articles. Some website owners place them in their footer or dedicate a page for the newsletter and link out to it. MailChimp and Convertkit are some worthy checkouts for newsletters and for form building.

4. Use social media share buttons

Using social media share buttons should look like the least on our list, but it’s pretty important too. Imagine a scenario where you write a killer article and a web visitor reads it on your blog and wishes to share it with friends but couldn’t do that. That’s bad news because you just let the visitor feel frustrated.

If you incorporate social media share buttons in your website’s design, they can increase your website’s interactivity. Sharethis.com and Addthis.com can help you set up social media share buttons on your website. If you prefer plugins, Easy social sharing and Shared Counts are good examples.

5. Ask

You can have great interactive content but no one knows it’s there. It doesn’t hurt to ask your readers or web visitors to share an article, comment on a post, or give recommendations. Even authority websites ask their visitors to carry out an action, politely.

This is the very reason we create Call To Actions (CTA) – to ask! Web visitors need to be guided. Think of them like tourists taking a tour in a country; they know nowhere and would need a tour guide to show them around. Not just show them around, but to show them to tourists’ points. The same applies to websites.

Now, over to you. Which idea stands out for you? What idea are you using on your website now? Are there words of contributions from you?

We will love to hear about it in the comments section. Do you care for a live chat? – reach us in the floating ball by the right bottom corner of the screen.