5 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Blog

So, you have a successfully set up your business and have probably taken the advice to set up a website also, but you don’t know if you should add a blog section, then this article is for you. Tons of businesses’ websites have a blog section. Do you think it is important? Or it is just tradition every website should follow? Probably another way to increase a website’s content. If you are confused about adding a blog section to your business’ website or setting up just a blog for your business, we have written out 5 convincing reasons why businesses need a blog.

1.     Educate Web Visitors

One of the reasons why businesses need a blog is that it can be a great avenue to educate web visitors about your business. In a blog post, you can introduce a new product or service, review and/or make a “How To” article on a new or existing product or service. This way you can educate your web visitors and possibly have them coming back for more education on the kind of service or product that you offer.

2.     Turn web visitors into prospective customers

With a blog post, you can turn web visitors into prospective customers or clients. After a convincing copywriting post that must have educated web visitors on the functionalities and benefits of a product, web visitors can begin to take action. A blog post can spire a web visitor to click on buttons to purchase, subscribe to newsletters, share content, and more.

3.     Get more traffic

Having a blog can bring more traffic to a website. As you write blog posts that are search engine optimized, your business stands a chance to be ranked by search engines when web users search for products or services you have made a blog post about. As your blog content rank on search engines, so do people become aware of your business.

4.     Long term benefits

Businesses or websites that have blog sections enjoy certain long term benefits. Even after years of publishing a blog post about a product or service, web visitors can find it and still be inspired to take action which could lead to passive income. Educative and helpful blog posts can get shares, likes, and backlinks which can build the domain authority of your business’ website over time.  

5.     Easily shared on social media

Social media is one of the platforms where businesses can grow fast. Blog posts are easily shared on social media, and it is a fast way to get people gossip about your business. Creating blog post and putting a share button so people can easily share it to popular social media handles like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. This way, tons of people can learn about your products, service, or your brand in general.


Blogs have benefits; but you will have to put in the energy, knowledge, and time of creating content that should rank on search engines. For businesses, publishing blog posts that ranks on the web is just half the gist, you will also need to create content that inspires your website visitors to take action; subscribe to your newsletter, purchase that product, leave a comment, send a direct message, or show interest of some sort. Although the results of blogging for your business could be slow of discouraging at the start, but keep at it and you will reap the above benefits.

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