5 Reasons your Business needs an I.T Consultant

I.T consultant

In this era, tons of businesses are getting the most from going digital by turning to mobile, the web, and cloud services. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, it is always to the merit of your business to partner with an I.T consultant.

Technology has stand to be an important part of businesses. At almost every instance, businesses face one technical challenge to another. This could be setting up a website or managing one, fixing a server breakdown, solving SEO problems, to reaching out to more customers digitally. So today, we have taken out our time to write out 5 reasons why your business needs an I.T consultant. Sit back and read on!

1. It is less expensive

It saves cost to hire an I.T consultant than employing a permanent I.T personnel, especially for a startup business/company. Most businesses do not need I.T services every day or for a week, or in a whole month. For instance, a business may only need to have someone to setup their website and maintain it from time to time. Or the business would only require an I.T expert to install a new system and train users on how to use it. After installation, the I.T expert would only be contacted when a problem arises.

2. Professional Services

Not that permanently employed I.T staffs do not do their best, but I.T consultants would always proof to do better. I.T consultants are more competitive and are dedicated to solve their clients’ problems to promote a lasting relationship. I.T consultants are more focused technology trends and provide advise on the fastest way to solve a technical problem.

3. Fast Backup service

I.T consultants are also handy as a backup plan.  If your business or organization is having a problem that Is overwhelming for the internal I.T experts to solve, I.T consultants can always be a reliable backup. They can restore normalcy and prevent a similar crisis in the future.

4. Customer service

I.T consultants are more focused on improving their customer service as a way to take the lead in the service competition. This makes them ready to offer quality services using up-to-date technologies to improve businesses. Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their business. And I.T consultants are ready to offer top-most services.

5. Fresh Perspective

If you are looking forward to know clearly about your business – the true position of your business, an I.T consultant is the way to go. I.T consultants are the experts who will point of the mishaps of your business and explain complex processes. They give you a fresh perspective and show you the right technologies that will improve your business.


I.T consultants are great to go for. They offer the advantage of you to save cost especially when you need to solve an I.T problem rather than employing a full-time staff. They offer services that are plausible to stand tall in the competition game. This makes I.T consultants try to give in their all to keep a lasting professional relationship in the long run.

If you are looking for an I.T consultant, we are here for you. At Mayorkay Technologies, we offer I.T consultation services which aims at using latest technologies to help your business grow. We are not a “Yes!” man. We will tell you what’s wrong and what’s right and the way out. Reach us today by clicking on the floating chat bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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7 Clear Signs Your Business Needs a Website

business needs a website

Websites are like an online space everyone is getting nowadays and tons of businesses are owning a part of that space. Not because a lot of businesses are getting a website, your business automatically qualifies for one. Meanwhile, the benefits of owning a website cannot be overemphasized but considering signs your business needs a website is worth it.

A lot of businesses have a strong online presence on social media and are driving crazy sales through that channel. If you are in the crossroads of investing in a building a website or not, this article will expose seven clear signs that your business needs a website.

Read on!

1.      You want more clients/customers

If you plan on expanding your client base, then this is a sign that your business needs as website. A website helps customers/clients who are miles away in another country access your products and services.

The internet is one of the major ways clients/customers find and reach businesses these days. If your business isn’t online yet, then there is a percentage of the market that is lost.

2.      Authenticity

Most businesses are focused on building an authentic brand for themselves. If you are one of those focused on authenticity, then that’s a sign your business needs a website.

Many things now entail for originality for a business and that includes owning a website. For many clients/customers out there, knowing your business owns a website is one way to prove that you mean business and stand to be credible.

3.      Customers are always asking

If you have people always asking for your products’ description, contact address, or the list of your business’ services and products, then you definitely need a website. Having a website saves you from the recurring questions and answers about your business and its products or services. Your clients/customers can always go look them up on your website.

4.      Customers/clients want one

Customers/clients are becoming open and direct about their wants. One way to know if your business needs a website is asking your clients/customers. If you have an online presence on other platforms, you can try using google forms or other related survey forms to collect the opinions of your customers/clients. If your business activities are only physical, then asking questions verbally or using a printed survey form would do.

5.      You want to build a brand

Building a brand and making it stand out can take so much resources and time to work. One concrete way to build a brand is having a website. Of course, all giant brands in the market space have websites. This is a clear sign that if you are more focused on becoming a brand, having a website is a yes!

6.      People find your products online

One clear sign that shows that your business needs a website is that you notice people looking for the kind of product/service you offer on the internet. To tap into that market space that floats on the internet, your business needs to have a website.

7.      You want to still stay active during a pandemic

The Ebola and COVID-19 pandemic have showed us enough that business without an online presence is bound to suffer. Your business can get a chance of being discovered by potential customers as they shop from home during a pandemic. So, if having a business that can keep operating at all time is your plan, then having a website could be the first step.


When you see signs your business needs a website, going into the process of developing one is a great idea. Websites have always been since the advent of the internet and tons of businesses are owning one or even more. In fact, most businesses build mobile Apps for preferred functionalities and a faster way to build a relationship with their customers.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t found reasons yet to spend money or resources building a website for your business, it’s fine if you have to think it through. It is ideal to hold all the reasons before investing in a website.

Websites are the digital presence of a business and we help businesses craft a powerful one tailored to their needs. So, if you would need a website for your business, slide into the floating chat bubble by the right bottom corner of the screen and drop a message.

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6 Obvious signs your business needs a mobile App

mobile apps

Mobile Apps are the livelihood of every smartphone. This is true for every smartphone user as we see how much every exciting functionality or service ties around one mobile App or another.  Speaking of services, almost every business seems to be taking the opportunity to invest in building an App. Some, which we have come to see as a total waste of money, while some, a successful investment. If you are in the crossroads and looking forward to spots signs that tells you your business needs a mobile App, then keep reading.

1.      Quick access to your brand

If you are afraid for your brand not getting lost amidst the crowd of competitors, then a mobile App will do you good. Businesses use mobile Apps as a way to ward off any competition a customer might face on the web while trying to locate your business’ products or services. With every swipe and scroll on a smartphone App drawer and notification shades (push notification), your business is regularly standing in the face of a customer. And can be easily reached in a tap.

2.      Increased functionalities

If you are looking for increased functionalities, then it’s definitely mobile Apps. As mobile Apps grants quick access to you brand, they can also increase the functionalities you can add to your online presence. Since mobile Apps integrates with smartphones, your business can take on the opportunity to have increased functionalities like biometric security, apple pay or google pay, scan QR codes, storing of preferences, etc.

3.      Aesthetics

Another good sign your business needs a mobile App is that you are more concerned about the aesthetics of your brand online. Animations, huge media files, and heavy designs can have a way of slowing down a website. And customers are smart enough to use the back button to leave a laggy website for another. On the other hand, mobile Apps offer a more fluid experience with animations and designs.

4.      Your competitors have mobile Apps

I know it might look as it is not enough reason, but believe me it is. To compete in the vast market, it’s ideal to study what tactics your competitors are using to gain market presence. Consumers are more connected to their smartphones and mobile App stores are experiencing increase. So, if your competitors are using mobile Apps, then they have a good reason for that.

5.      Your customers are asking

Customers are becoming vocal and online reviews and recommendations are now being taken seriously. One way to know if your business needs a mobile App is to ask your customers. Go ahead and create and opinion survey. Post it on your website or social media handles to ask customers if they want a mobile App. If they do, come up a development plan from the opinion you have gathered.

6.      Direct connection

Your business needs a mobile App if you are looking forward to developing a bond with your customers. Mobile apps are always a tap away. They are an easy way to let customers reach (contact) your brand without having to filter through the web and guessing URLs.


When you see signs your business needs a mobile App, going into action to develop one is a great recommendation. Mobile Apps have always been since the advent of smartphones and tons of them are fast getting downloaded. Mobile Apps are fasting becoming integrated with our lives. And they are not going anywhere soon.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t found reasons yet to spend money or resources building a mobile App for your business, it’s fine. Do not jump into matters. It is ideal to hold all the reasons before investing in a mobile App.

We are happy to develop you a powerful and unique mobile App tailored to your business needs. The first step to take is reaching the floating chat bubble by the right bottom corner of the screen and tell us about your vision. And we will help you see it come to pass.

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6 Reasons why web visitors leave your website instantly

smartphone users

So you have taken your time and money to set up a website for your business, what next? – Web visitors, of course. The next expectation would be for a line of web visitors to plunge into your website. You have done all the promotion and hard work to bring traffic to your website but you only see almost no returning visitor and an increasing bounce rate. Now you wonder the reasons why web visitors leave your website just immediately they visit?

What is Bounce Rate?

Using analytics, we can know how our website is fairing. And an important metric to look out for is the Bounce Rate. The Bounce Rate is a metric that shows tells you if web visitors are leaving your website at an instant or they are hanging around to check out your website basically because it meets their needs.

So, the higher the bounce rate, the more trouble that spells out for the health of your website. This is because search engines would only want to rank websites that they think are valuable to web visitors. And Bounce Rate is just the metric that shows them that. If you have a low bounce rate, that’s obviously a good thing for your website.

If you have come here looking for information to help you solve this problem, then this blog is for you. We have gathered six reasons why web visitors leave your website instantly.

1.      No Proper Content Optimization

A website with no interactive content would not keep a web visitor locked in. Building proper content targeted at visitors wants and having great skills at website management would make a web visitor stick a little longer.

The only thing that keeps a web visitor on a website is if you have the content that they want. Does the content make sense to them? Does it solve their problem? And if they don’t have that, they leave just as immediately they came.

2.      Poor Interaction

Another good reason to point of why web visitors leave your website is that it isn’t interactive. A website that keeps a web visitor engaged in like clicking on Call To Actions (CTA), using a customized calculator, playing a miniature game, or taking a personality test, will definitely keep its visitors glued to the screen.

In fact, you even get recommendations and returning. Integrating those simple website interactive ideas into your website can really help in reducing your bounce rate.

3.      Outdated design

Outdated designs are a turnoff. The design of your website can make or mare even your ranking on search engines. Outdated designs can make your website unresponsive and ugly which in turns, are accounted for a bad user experience.

Lack of white spaces, mismatching colours, and oddly sized and shaped icons can contribute to poor onsite navigation and be a solid reason why web visitors leave your website.

4.     Your texts are difficult to read

The text size and face of your content is as important as your content itself. It would be disappointing to spend hours writing an amazing article and then have no one read it because of your text size and face.

Small text sizes like 12px and below can feel like making the eyes undergo hard labour. Using fancy font faces like Comic sans, Bradley hands, Freestyle script, and the likes are a no no. It doesn’t make your content beautiful, it only makes it an issue for web visitors to understand a word which just makes them leave your website for your competitors’.

5.    You have too much ads

Having ads on your website is one way to generate income. But how much is too much? When you place ads on almost everywhere on your website, it can cause disruptions to primary functions like navigation, scrolling, and even reading.

I have accessed some couple of websites where ads bombard me left, right, and center. And guess what I did? – I fled; and the same thing happens to every web visitor who is faced with too many ads.

6.      Slow load time

The average healthy webpage load speed should be around 3 – 5secs tops. Anything beyond that starts being annoying. Thanks to the speed of modern processors, accessing any website that seems to slow us down just feels like it’s taking us back to the Stone Age.

People want to have access to information on time. So, it is important to tackle the things that could cause your website to slow down to avoid having an increased bounce rate or losing a fraction of your traffic to your competitors.


So there they are – six reasons why web visitors leave your website instantly. If you want to have a chat with us in real-time or more personally, use the floating chat space by the right bottom corner of the screen. We are all ears to hear about the problem you facing with your website and aid you fix it.

And of course, we will love to hear your comments, questions, and thoughts about what could cause a slow page speed.

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6 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Ranking On Search Engines

search engine

Of course, everyone paid to have a website or must have built one with the vision that it is going to rank on prominent search engines like google.com and bing.com. The thought of that is perfect! Who doesn’t want to see that happen? Unfortunately, if things are swinging sideways, we are here to answer that question; why your website is not ranking on search engines?

It must have bugged you to know that over a million searches for information and products are done on the internet – especially with google.com as the go-to search engine. But why isn’t a fraction of that huge population size clicking through your website? Well, chances are that there is more than one reason that your website isn’t ranking on search engines.

Why Your Website Is Not Ranking On Search Engines

So, we have gathered a list of reasons why your website is not ranking on search engines. Believe me, this are the most common reasons almost every website owner come to face when talking about ranking on search engines. Below are six of the most common problems that are visible in relatively low-ranking websites.

1. No Proper Keyword Research/Strategy

A keyword is basically what a web user type in a search bar to pull out relevant information from the internet. This is important in content marketing as it gives you an idea of what your potential target audience is looking for. This means that if you have created contents around things people aren’t looking for, search engines wouldn’t rank your contents when they perform a search query.

It is just like asking a farmer to gather you bananas. He wouldn’t go out to harvest carrots alongside the bananas because you never ask for carrots. Search engines work just the same way.

keyword tool

Thanks to keyword research tools like ubersuggest, KWfinder, Semrush, ahref, etc. you can make proper research about the words web visitors are using to find information that is relevant to your business or the content you are pushing out.

2. Little use of keyword or too much Keyword stuffing

One reason why your website is not ranking on search engines is because of the little use of keywords or too much keyword stuffing. For a search engine to recognize that a particular phrase is standing as your keyword, you have to optimize your content. This means sprinkling the appropriate amount of your chosen keyword in your content. But when you over do this, it is known as ‘Keyword stuffing’.

Keyword stuffing can be hurtful to your website as search engines would think you are only trying to just rank rather than providing your readers useful content in a natural tone. Think of it as salt. You need salt to make your food tasteful but too much of it is harmful.

Keyword density

So, if you are not ranking for a well-researched keyword, it could mean that you have either sprinkle little keywords in your content, or you have stuffed your content with too many keywords.

3. Slow site speed

page speed

How do you feel having to wait 1 minute for a website to load before you get the information that you want? – Angry right? That is the same way every web visitor would feel if your website doesn’t load under 5 seconds.

One reason why your website is not ranking on search engines is because of the slow load time of your webpages. How exactly does that happen? Well, take for instance Google; Google look at your engagement metrics which includes your website’s bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, this probably means that people are getting to leave your website because it just takes forever to load.

This, of course, turns out bad as Google (and any other search engine) would think your website isn’t valuable to web visitors and would immediately affect your rankings negatively.

If you keep complaining that your website is not ranking even after taking out time to create great contents, then you should look at your Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a way search engines label valuable websites and rank them according to their ‘authority score’. What increases your domain authority score is the number of backlinks you have. Having backlinks is a way to show that people are finding your contents interesting and they have taken out their time to share it and link out to you.

domain authority power curve

Backlinks are one of the major elements that determine if your website is not ranking or is ranking. And no matter how awesome your content happen to be, if you have no backlinks (which equals to authority score) you may never be ranked by any search engine.

5. Thin Content

It has long been advised to have a 500+ worded content to give your website a chance to rank on search engines. Google, Bing, and other search engine out there do not appreciate thin content and would not rank them.
For instance, if you are a business that sell art and craft materials like paint brushes, poster colours, canvas, etc. just going out to write; “Hey, we sell top-notch arts and crafts materials. You can find us at XYZ Street or reach our phone on 123. Bye!” That won’t rank.

Search engines are looking forward to ranking quality contents. Contents people would find valuable. Contents that give out enough information on a subject matter.

text length

5. You are not publishing regularly

blogging calender

One reason why your website is not ranking on search engines could be the fact that you are not publishing regularly. This could sound dumb to most people but it’s the fact. For instance, if you get mails delivered to you from the post office at every three days interval, you would always check your mail box regularly for any new mails. But if you get mails like once in a month, you may even forget you had a mail box right at the front of your house.

The same instance applies to search engine bots. The more content you push out on your website, the more opportunity search engines have to crawl and index your website on a regular basis.


The reasons why your website is not ranking on search engines could still be numerous and more technical than this. But these are the most common and regular we have seen in our field of work. Meanwhile, at Mayorkay Technologies, we handle a lot of issues as this and other more interesting services to help clients get the best out of their websites.

Do you have questions? Contributions? Or do you want to talk to us about something different? Reach the comments section below or speak to us directly using the chat bubble.

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