How to password your external hard drive without using 3rd party Software

password external hard drive

External hard drives have been the cheapest and accessible option when it comes to backing up data. Security has always been a crucial thing if you have saved important or personal files on your external hard drive. Putting up a password on your external hard drive is an ideal thing to do to lock out intruders.

Although you can achieve putting up a password and encryption on your external hard drive with 3rd party software like TrueCrypt, AxCrypt, or StorageCrypt, but this article will show you how to do that without a 3rd party software.

Before we go on, there are certain things you should have available. They are:

  1. A computer (in our case, we are using a windows PC)
  2. A Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable
  3. And of course, the hard drive.

Go on and follow the steps keenly.

Step 1

  • Switch on your PC and also the external hard drive.
  • Connect the external hard drive to the PC using the USB cable.

Step 2

  • On the PC, on the control panel. If you can’t locate the control panel, use the search bar and type in “control panel”. Click on it when it appears.
  • Then, find “BitLocker” or simply type it in the search bar above to reveal it.


  • Simply use the search button close to the start button and type in “BitLocker”

Step 3

  • In the BitLocker page, click on “Turn on BitLocker” for the hard drive that you want to encrypt.
  • Tick the “use a password to unlock drive” option and set your preferred password. Then click ‘Next’.

Step 4

  • Choose ‘save to a file’ to back up your recovery key.
  • Select the folder you want your password to be saved to on your hard disk

Step 5

  • After choosing your preferred folder, click on ‘start encryption’ and wait for the process to complete. Completion time varies based on hard drive sizes.
  • Write or save your password in a place you can recall because your external hard drive would require it when next you or anyone want to access it.

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Database Management System

database management system

Database management systems are becoming popular these days, and could especially be found in medium to large organizations. The primary function of a database management system is to store and manage information. However, having a  management system is ideal for any size of organization because of how much merit it can offer.

Since recent database’ are hosted on a computer system, they beat the traditional way of storing and managing data.

In 6 points, we have listed out reasons why you or your organization needs a database management system.

Read on!

1.      All data in one place

One joy of having a database management system is that you have all your data in one place. This sounds more appealing to organizations with a huge need to store large amount of data in one place – thanks to cloud services. Having data in one place helps the HR team grab all the data they want on time without breaking a sweat. This in turns, makes work faster and easier.

2.      Security

Traditional databases would usually have lockers or some couple of security components to keep data save from thieves. On the other hand, automated database management systems offer more robust security options. With database management systems, super admins can grant limited access to a pool of data. Let’s say a HR personnel needs all the bio data for preparing a report. He can be granted a limited access to only the resources he needs.

3.      Unlimited answers to repeated queries

How do you feel when you are asked the same questions over 3 times? Peeved up? Exactly. We can get tired from answering the same question over and over again. Working in an organization where the same data is needed more than once can be exhausting. This will always be because of the lack of a central database management system. And everyone could be sticking to developing their own spreadsheet which would always have a varying level of accuracy plus increase data duplication. Meanwhile, on a central database management system, staffs can send thousands of queries for the same data without having the computer complain like we do.

4.      Speed

Not only does a database management system let you throw a thousand queries at it, we also have speed to applause for. For a large organization, walking around the hall while hunting for the data you want can be tiring. Sometimes, it can take hours or days before you can get all the data you need for your work. This in turns, contributes to a slower output. But thankfully, we have the availability of a database management system running on computer. With few strokes on the keyboarding inputting query in the search bar, tons of data are called up.

5.      We are easily overwhelmed with information

Yes, we can have information overload. Loading our brains with too many data will always turn out to be tiring. No one wants to be bugged down with the rumination of thousands of data. This is where a database management system comes in. A good database management system would always have an understandable front end. While the concept and terminology of the data would solely depend on the user’s competency.

6.      Improve decision making

A database management system can also prove efficient in decision making. Decision making can be carryout on a well built and structured database housing a pool of customer data. By analyzing existing customer data and collecting new sets of data, organizations can predict customer preferences and behavior for proper decision making.

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6 Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) You Must Know

Search engine marketing

Won’t it be amazing to finally see that your products and/or business are appearing in front of the people that actually need them? – and that you, as a user, could find relevant business and products that match your search query without having to scavenge the web? That is exactly the benefits of Search Engine Marketing or SEM in short.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, SEM is an important tool every business can harness to reach potential clients/customers. SEM has grown into becoming one of the major elements in a marketing strategy. It helps companies reach a targeted audience through ads that are focused on relevant keywords that web users key in a search engine.

The benefits of Search Engine Marketing can’t be quite hidden, it is something every business or company, and must know to better your marketing strategy. So, in this article, we have listed 6 benefits of search engine marketing.

Read on!

1.   It is specific

One huge benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that it is specific. In Search Engine Marketing, your ads are pushed out to people who are actively looking for the products or services you are marketing. And not to the people who “may” want your products or services. This helps put your business in front of people who are ready to buy or create a relationship with businesses.

2.   Easy to run

Organizations like Google and Microsoft have made it easy for businesses that take SEM as part of their marketing strategy. Businesses are offered accurate analytics and an easy-to-setup interface. You can choose to run or stop your Ad campaign at any time. And also, options to schedule campaigns in case you have your desk filled with too much to track. Google offers a course on how to go about setting up Search Engine Marketing with them.

3.   Fast Results

One good benefit of Search Engine Marketing is that you are on the track to getting fast results. Compared to working up your ranks organically.  With Search Engine Marketing, you kinda beat barriers, avoid time-consuming efforts to get your products or services on the first row of a search engines’ result page. You need to have a proper bid amount, a decent keyword quality score (i.e. good ad relevance), and a great landing page experience.

4.   Improve Traffic

With Search Engine Marketing you can boost traffic to your website. If you bid for the relevant keyword rightly and set a budget, your ads will be shown to people who are on the lookout for exactly what you are marketing. Since your ads will always be relevant to the search query and rank up above organic results, you get the chance to funnel in turns of web visitors to your website or e-commerce store. Tools like Keyword PlannerSemrush, and ubersuggest can help you find out and target the traffic coming into your website.

5.   Beat competitors

One solid reason Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is held profitable over Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially for small businesses, is that you can beat your competitors easily. With SEM, you can rank higher than your competitors who are already ranking high with proper SEO. Organically. Plus, your products or website gets to be the first to be seen by potential clients.

6.   Increase Brand awareness

Another benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that you get to increase your brand awareness. As your ads keep staying on the top results and are shown to people who are actively using that keyword, your brand gets noticed. And as more people keep noticing your brand or website listed on the top of the results, it increases brand awareness.


The benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) cannot be overemphasized. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is great and can really help you work your ranks up on search results. But on the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) just happens to be the highway to better results out of the competition.

We can help you set up SEM for your business or your website. We would also handle your digital marketing plans and create strategies that are tailored to promote your kind of business.

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6 Reasons SEO analysis is important for your website

SEO analysis

Have you tried reaching the second and third pages of either Google’s or Bing’s search results when you search for a thing? No? I guess so. We hardly reach that part. According to most folks, the second page of search results is the perfect place to hide a dead body. Even if those words are filled with so much humor, they clearly tell how lost to web visitors any website can be if they fail to recognize that SEO analysis is important.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is all the word done to make your website visible on search results. The thing is, your website can be visible for a search query, but on what rank and page does it appear? Proper SEO analysis over time will bring a website to the front page of a search engine.

So, if you are looking forward to making your website rank on the first page of Google or Bing, then you should know that SEO analysis is important for your website, below are the 6 reasons you should give SEO analysis a shot.

1.      It generates traffic to your website organically

The number one advantage of having a proper SEO for your website is that it generates traffic to your website organically. This means that you don’t have to pay for ads or create marketing campaigns so that your website can be seen by potential clients or customers. If you have done proper SEO analysis on your website, web visitors you did not pay for would find your website online easily because of the better ranking position of your website.

2.      It saves cost

A plus for proper SEO analysis is that it saves you the money you would have used for ad campaigns to draw in traffic. Your website stands the advantage of enjoying organic traffic which would be driving in from the page 1 of search queries. But on the other hand, if you don’t give a damn about the SEO analysis, then you are bound to spend money promoting almost all of your website’s content.

3.      It improves trust and credibility

There are a handful of metrics search engines consider before placing your website right at the number one page of the list. Not only that these search engines have to rank your website using the metric’s score, they also have to make sure that they are putting websites with valuable contents in front of people. People are more open to trust websites that big search engines like Google and Bing put up on page 1. This could mean that if your website undergoes proper SEO analysis and ranks up to page 1, more people are going to trust it.

4.      Improved User Experience (UX)

When carrying out SEO analysis, there are tons of matters that are being looked into. Those matters include Website speed, Mobile-friendliness of a site, Bounce rate, Content relevance, website interaction, and so on. When all those are worked on, there will always be a significant boost in user experience and easy access to website. A mobile-friendly website would always get huge traffic. This is because a huge percentage of web users access the web from their mobile phone. A fast-loading website would keep a user. On the other hand, web visitors are smart enough to leave and check out your competitors if they sense your website is slowing them down.

5.      Local Engagement

If you are a small or medium business and is trying to get local popularity, local SEO can be handy. Proper SEO, both on-page and backend, when targeted at the locals can help your business website reach more locals. Local SEO will make your website more visible to local customers who are always looking for products near them.

6.      Measuring Metrics keeps changing

The yardstick for measuring how good a website is by Google and Bing keeps changing. There are highly advanced algorithm put in place to scrutinize and rank a website. These highly advanced algorithm keeps changing to accommodate new ways and how they measure their metrics. They can take into account more than 150 factors. Some known to us, while other are unknown. To stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes, regular SEO analysis should be carried out on your website.


The need for SEO analysis for your website cannot be overemphasized. SEO analysis opens up your website’s ranking problems and show you ways to deal with it. It is the most way to rank on most reputable search engine’s page 1.

If you are stuck and not knowing what to do about your website ranking, we are here to help. We offer SEO services and rank our client’s website(s) to Google’s page 1 search result. All you have to do is slide into the floating chat section at the bottom right corner of the screen. Leave a message and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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