6 Reasons Why You Need a Database Management System

database management system

Database management systems are becoming popular these days, and could especially be found in medium to large organizations. The primary function of a database management system is to store and manage information. However, having a  management system is ideal for any size of organization because of how much merit it can offer.

Since recent database’ are hosted on a computer system, they beat the traditional way of storing and managing data.

In 6 points, we have listed out reasons why you or your organization needs a database management system.

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1.      All data in one place

One joy of having a database management system is that you have all your data in one place. This sounds more appealing to organizations with a huge need to store large amount of data in one place – thanks to cloud services. Having data in one place helps the HR team grab all the data they want on time without breaking a sweat. This in turns, makes work faster and easier.

2.      Security

Traditional databases would usually have lockers or some couple of security components to keep data save from thieves. On the other hand, automated database management systems offer more robust security options. With database management systems, super admins can grant limited access to a pool of data. Let’s say a HR personnel needs all the bio data for preparing a report. He can be granted a limited access to only the resources he needs.

3.      Unlimited answers to repeated queries

How do you feel when you are asked the same questions over 3 times? Peeved up? Exactly. We can get tired from answering the same question over and over again. Working in an organization where the same data is needed more than once can be exhausting. This will always be because of the lack of a central database management system. And everyone could be sticking to developing their own spreadsheet which would always have a varying level of accuracy plus increase data duplication. Meanwhile, on a central database management system, staffs can send thousands of queries for the same data without having the computer complain like we do.

4.      Speed

Not only does a database management system let you throw a thousand queries at it, we also have speed to applause for. For a large organization, walking around the hall while hunting for the data you want can be tiring. Sometimes, it can take hours or days before you can get all the data you need for your work. This in turns, contributes to a slower output. But thankfully, we have the availability of a database management system running on computer. With few strokes on the keyboarding inputting query in the search bar, tons of data are called up.

5.      We are easily overwhelmed with information

Yes, we can have information overload. Loading our brains with too many data will always turn out to be tiring. No one wants to be bugged down with the rumination of thousands of data. This is where a database management system comes in. A good database management system would always have an understandable front end. While the concept and terminology of the data would solely depend on the user’s competency.

6.      Improve decision making

A database management system can also prove efficient in decision making. Decision making can be carryout on a well built and structured database housing a pool of customer data. By analyzing existing customer data and collecting new sets of data, organizations can predict customer preferences and behavior for proper decision making.

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